Thursday, August 12, 2010

I'm at lunch...and online!

This is so cool! I am writing to you on my lunch break at work! AT WORK! I got wireless internet this week. I actually have something to do to take my mind away from this place for a little while. Yeah! This is great, I turn on the PC...plug in this little balck thing, wait just a moment and boom. I have the internet...I've checked my e-mails and looked at a couple of sites. Fun! I need to get some head phones...I'll be able to watch tv shows or something like that during my lunches...or YouTube...I can do or Itunes...or NetFlix!! Ahh the freedom....what a feeling! Ok...I'm done!

Today has been rough....this week has been rough. Come on Friday night....I will be one happy girl at 5pm.

I made a collage of pictures of the kids and my parents and grandparents. I put it up at my desk and it's really nice. I think I'm going to find a big picture frame to put it's quite lovely. So that is what I'm looking at I kill time.

I think I'm going to try to start my novel again this weekend. I found the character profiles that I wrote a few months back and it made me anxious to do something with them. I've got a part of a plot...but I need to figure out how to develope it.

So anyway, I guess I have nothing significant for this blog. I just wanted to post something to celebrate my online independence. Have a good one people!

Once lunch is over I will have 4 hours left. Tonight I am going to try to clean up the clutter scattered around my house....and keep it that way...this time. :-)

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